Sunday, January 13, 2008

¡ Ay Corona !

Yes, friends, it was Corona Mill Time again. CMT is a regular feature here at FSB. Let me tell you, I'm thinking about buying the stuff pre-ground. I "cranked" 24 pounds of pale malt this afternoon! Who's the man? Give it up! Actually it was a pretty relaxed chore despite the tedium. Cleaning up--when everything is covered in grain dust--is the worst part. I also cooked up a yeast starter: 2½ cups water (600 cc) with 2¾ oz. DME, ¼ tsp. yeast nutrient, and ½ tsp. corn sugar. I boiled it in the Erlenmeyer flask for about 20 minutes. When the vial of yeast (WLP-810, SF Lager), the starter, and the hall closet reach equilibrium (about 62 ºF at this point), I'll pitch. I'm planning to brew a big stout this coming weekend that will reach its peak of perfection on the seventeeth of March--St. Patricks's Day.

Id. Ian.

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