Sunday, May 31, 2009

Giants Fever V

We've had a chance not only to sample but to share the brew, and we are very happy with it. It is light and dry with the easy drinkability of a "session ale" and the refreshing crispness of a "lawnmower beer." This one has real flavor, though, a fine layering of malt and hops, surprisingly complex in a low-gravity (1.043) beer. The amber-orange color looks great in the glass, too. The 2-Liter swing-top jug ("growler") ferried draft beer to a party in Weed, and it worked beautifully. The entirety of this batch was kegged, but now there's an easy way to share it. Graduation Day starts my summer furlough, and that means there will be a party in Montague this Friday. We'll be drinking Giants Fever!

Giants win today 5-3 v. St Louis.

Prid. Kal. Iun.

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