Sunday, January 9, 2011


One-hundred seventy-four batches of beer I've brewed, the last one on New Year's Eve. Elevenses Ale went to the keg today and will spend ten days conditioning in the main fermenting room. (That's the hall closet here at French Street Brewery.) It finished at 1.008 or 2 ºP which tells me the beer will be about 5% abv, which I can live with. I like beer at four to four-and-one-half percent alcohol by volume, somewhere between a British session beer and a mild American pale ale. Elevenses Ale was a bit of a seat-of-the-pants thing, and I expected it to finish a little higher. It was a good day to be creative--2010 was a great year. Who knows what the new beer--no. 174--will taste like? Who knows what 2011 will bring?

Can't wait to find out.

a.d. V Id. Feb.

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