Sunday, May 11, 2008

Black Beauty

We kegged and bottled the School's Out Stout today. Got to taste a bit of it when I siphoned it to the priming bucket . . . this one is a winner. Should be ready for Stephani's Graduation Party and our own end-of-the-school-year festivities. The final gravity was 4 ºP (1.016). The beer looked and smelled nice and clean. There was a big, thick sludge layer, and I managed 4-1/2 gallons of yield. I kegged 2-1/2 gallons, priming it with 2 oz. of corn sugar, and we bottled an assortment, priming at 2 oz. to 2 gallons. Steph gets a six-pack, K & K get a couple of 0.5 L bottles, and we get seven of the 22 oz. "Etna" style. This will likely be the last brew for a while as the hot weather is just around the corner. The Giants won today in unlikely fashion with Steve "Backup Catcher" Holm provding the heroics with a 2-run homer. Another gorgeous spring day in the State of Jefferson!

a.d. V Id. Mai.

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