Monday, March 23, 2009

Party on!

The St. Patrick's Day Stout was a big hit at Nancy's party. It is a little anti-climatic to have a St. Patrick's Day party after the actual date (Day: Tues 17th; Party: Sat 21st), but it is a great group of friends and it is always a great party. Three brewers are in attendance each year, and each brewer brings a special creation. This year we had 100% stouts. Tom brought a dry stout that had a nice roasty edge to it, and Steve brought a big, sweet, caramel-and-maple-syrup stout. Both were excellent. Nothing like sharing brews with fellow brewers--we got to do a lot of nerdy brew-talk and quench our thirst at the same time. My stout was over-foaming a bit. The beer itself was perfectly carbonated, but dispensing was an issue. I finally took the keg off the gas and served it with the hand pump, "real ale" style. That solved the problem. My beer was light and crisp, with a smoothness and drinkability not ususally associated with stouts. I got lots of compliments, and the hostess herself told me more than once she liked mine the best! Saturday the 21st was the first full day of Spring, as the vernal equinox happened Friday morning. Saturday the 21st was a good day for Ireland as well--they won the Six Nations rugby trophy by beating Wales in Cardiff, completing a Triple Crown and Grand Slam for the first time since 1948. Éire go Brách!

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