Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Kegging the brew was today's business. I used a quart of water and 120 grams (about 4-1/4 oz.) of dextrose to prime the batch, and then I split it between two 2.5-gal. kegs. My yield from the fermenter was about 4-1/2 gallons. I dropped my hydrometer last week, so I had no way to measure the final gravity. Alas, it looked well-fermented! I have this thing about breaking those tall, skinny glass hydrometers. My next one will be my 4th? 5th? I can't remember. Yet I also have a mercury-filled glass thermometer that is darn close to twenty years old, and it is "no worse for wear." I'll keep this in the closet until the end of the month. We hit the road on the 1st of July so it should be in the refrigerator by then.

a.d. IX Kal. Iul.

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