Saturday, October 27, 2007

Full Moon Fridge

The brewery refrigerator is full as I've moved the bottles of #155 in for their final conditioning. The full moon was at perigee, but clouds obscured its rise Thursday night. It glowed brightly Friday morning, though. Saturday brings fresh fall weather: sunny, brisk, colorful. The bottles of Rye P.A. had been in the fermenting room (the hallway closet) since October 14th, my last posting. The temperature stayed between 66 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit (19-20 C). I thought the extra few days might help. The last batch was a bit under-carbonated. I suspect that the Safale-04 settles out so quickly that not enough is left behind to prime the beer. Especially when the beer is racked off the trub and given an extra week in a secondary fermenter. That step might not be needed with this yeast. We'll see in a few weeks--this beer should be perfect for my birthday!

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