Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Boxing Day

I checked on "Aught-eight Ale" just a while ago, 24 hours after pitching. The Kolsch yeast is starting slowly, but it is starting, that's the key. So I can relax and let this one go. It is currently 64 F in the hall closet--perfect. Today was clean-up day. I've got most of the brewery washed, dried, and put away. We have consumed multiple pints of Pity-the-Fool Porter since I tapped the keg, and it is damn tasty. I made a decision: from now on I'm going "all-organic" in my purchasing. It will be more expensive, but I think it will give the brews a uniqueness, and I like supporting sustainable agricultural practices. I think aught-eight ought to be a good time to get that going. Happy Boxing Day!

a.d. VII Kal. Ian.

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