Sunday, December 30, 2007


Thanks to the miracle of the Internet, I can use "Alt" codes to make an umlaut. So now I can spell out Kölsch using the numeric keypad and the ALT code 148, or even KÖLSCH with ALT 0214. I tell ya, that's pretty damn neat. The brew has fermented nicely at 64-66 F (I suppose I'll have to learn the "alt" codes for the degree symbol!), the head has dropped and the surface is almost clear. I like this yeast and expect to use it more in the future, it seems to have a nice tolerance for cooler regimes. I'm lucky that the main fermenting room (the hall closet) is pretty steady much of the year, but it can get a bit cool in the winter months. I'm also intrigued by the idea of German ales (like Kölsch and Altbiers), and want to experiment more with Continental malts. I can also get organic German hops from 7 Bridges. My goal is not to re-create some "style" or make an "authentic" hefe-dunkel-weizen-whatchamacalit, but to learn to use a greater variety of ingredients, and have some fun with new (for me and FSB, that is) combinations. (ALT 167 for degrees, as in 66º Fahrenheit!)

Happy New Year, everyone.
a.d. III Kal. Ian.

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