Monday, December 24, 2007

Xmas Eve

Today I pulled out the Corona mill and cranked out a boatload of malt for tomorrow's brew. I also threw together a yeast starter. White Labs has these nice vials of pitchable yeast that aren't supposed to need any help, BUT . . . 1) the "best before" date on the Kolsch (WLP029) is TODAY, and 2) the stuff got shipped to me late one evening and spent the night on my porch in near freezing temperatures. So I figured better safe than sorry. I'll get a look at it tomorrow before pitching.

So far I'm thinking I'll need at least 15 lbs. of the Rahr pale malt for my "no-sparge" method. I've got a pound each of wheat and pilsener malts, and I'm flavoring them with 1/2 pound of Briess organic 20 L crystal, 1/4 pound of Weyerman Carafa 2 organic chocolate (375 L), plus 1/8 pound each of some weird stuff (140 L Briess "extra special" and 120 L Briess caramel). I think we've got a fine, tasty combo there. We'll see what fits in the mash tun tomorrow. U.S. Northern Brewer or German Perle? I haven't decided yet--maybe both!

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